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From the outside Istanbul's many mosques undoubtedly resembled shapely female breasts. Om de lagt beslag på den heliga manteln skulle det betyda det bysantinska imperiets undergång. Pulcheria fick den som gåva av Patriarken av Jerusalem då hon frågat efter Marias kvarlevor. We could not enter the cave because it´s entrance was blocked by a marble bench from which five gilded taps brought the holy water to the visitors. Kvar i helgedomen blev dock tre pelare och  Hajarul Aswad  som murades fast vid  Ka´abans  östra hörn. Some of them, like those two, who previously had appreciated African art regarded it now as a way back to man's true origins.

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She sat down in the chair by the fire to read; she trimmed the coals with the most dainty pair of tongs; and in the course of her movements, I could clearly perceive that this fairest little creature was also in the family way.

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Gläd dig, du som gör att förbannelsen löses upp! Visheten prisar sig själv. Through the bond that had been established between him and his mother, Jesus could feel genuine compassion for humanity. Även om Koraklostrets mosaiker utfördes i början av talet, långt senare än kyrkomötet i Ephesostycks de, liksom de lika praktfulla freskerna, visa på svaret till varför Mariakulten spred sig så snabbt under talet. A tradition that for so many centuries had been unbroken made a strong impression on Gunnar. Baetyl  betyder egentligen "boning" och symboliserade egentligen inte gudomen utan hennes närvaro på jorden, platsen där hon uppenbarar sig. It seems as if it is  The Great Mother  who speaks from Alexandria on the Mediterranean shore, where ancient thinking and knowledge were gathered within the walls of its huge library, while philosophers from all over the known world gathered to discuss the big issues of existence - Greeks, Jews, Persians, Arabs and Indians.

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